July 13, 2012



                                          Alison Mathis


Graduated 2010

Major: Business Management

About Me

I recently moved from the Los Angeles area to Atlanta, GA for work. I love to travel and have been able

to go on several memorable trips with my fraternity brothers. I like to hike, explore new parts of the city,

listen to live music, watch college football, and just hang out with friends. I’m passionate about living my

life to the fullest. I also really like involving myself with process development, implementation and

improvement. I would love to begin working towards my MBA within the next year or two.

Professional Life

While in college, I worked in the Craig School’s dean’s office. I also had an internship at a flooring

subcontractor’s office doing administrative work. This turned into a full-time position after I graduated.

This Office Management position allowed me to get some human resource and accounting (a/r and a/p

along with payroll) experience.

I stayed with the flooring company for a couple years before I moved down to Los Angeles to work for a

company that was contracted by Microsoft. I quickly moved into a quality control position where I

trained customer service representatives (CSRs) on building customer relationships and navigating

through difficult conversations. Some of my duties included reviewing the phone and email interactions

CSRs sent to Microsoft Partner customers. I also helped analyze low scoring surveys customers sent in

and identified whether or not there was a trend throughout the team causing these scores. I would

recommend up-training in certain areas if I felt that it would improve the quality of surveys coming in.

My favorite part of this job was meeting one of my now closest friends, Celina. She was my manager and

a brother from SDSU – Mu Sigma chapter. I’m not going to say that being a brother of Alpha Kappa Psi

got me the promotion but I know it didn’t hurt!

Two years later I applied for a buyer position at a lighting company. I used my accounting and office

management experience to get the job. My primary job was to order product for ongoing projects,

review item costs and analyze inventory risk. After about a year, I got an offer to move to Atlanta and

jump into a Project Management roll. I now manage ongoing projects for companies like Chipotle,

Forever 21, Wendy’s, Van Huesen, Tiffany’s, Cartier, Sunglass Hut, AMC, and many more.

AKPsi Life

I met most of my closest friends by joining AKPsi. We would do everything together. We would study, go

on road trips, or just have dinner together. We bonded over planning events or driving hours together. I

loved the connections we made with other chapters. Some of my closest friends came from US Merced,

San Diego State University and Arizona State. I can call any of my brothers today and still have

meaningful conversation that can easily last over an hour. I call them for professional and personal

advise and truly don’t know what I would do without them.

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